HUTANO is an acronym for, Have You Thought About Natural Health Options ……

It also means ‘wellness’ in Shona, a Zimbabwean Language.

Hutano was founded in June 2012 by Elizabeth Kachembere, Zimbabwean- Australian.


Liz Has a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy, Diploma in Remedial Massage and a Diploma in Pharmacy. She has been in the health industry for close to 30 years. She is evidence-based in her approach to treatment and will liaise with other medical professionals if need be.

“Naturopathic medicine recognizes the body’s inherent ability which is ordered and intelligent to heal itself. Naturopathic physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to recovery and to facilitate and augment this healing ability“ – Bastyr University’s definition of the Vis Medicatrix Naturae

At Hutano we help our clients to achieve optimum health and take cognizance of the body‘s own healing ability. We journey with our clients toward wellness. We focus on women’s health issues such as hormonal imbalance, fibroids, endometriosis, thyroid, weight loss, menopause, and fertility issues.


Naturopathic Consultations

“Naturopathic medicine recognizes the body’s inherent ability which is ordered and intelligent and to heal itself. Naturopathic physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to recovery and to facilitate and augment this healing ability” – Bastyr University

We employ an individualized approach to treatment that focuses on restoring balance to systems that have become dysfunctional. Dysfunctional systems could be inflammation, mood swings, detoxification process issues, immune system irregularities structural imbalances as in malfunctioning musculoskeletal systems.

Our naturopaths’ aim is to provide the missing link in achieving health, wellness and sustained functionality on a day-to-day basis to women with hormonal imbalances and other symptoms. We address nutritional issues, address lifestyle concerns, and may do further tests to help a more determined treatment plan.

Diet modification is almost a given part of our treatment plan. Our treatment plan may include bodywork such as remedial massage. As holistic practitioners, we recognize that at times bodywork rather than ingestive treatment is more warranted in some instances.

Our naturopathic consultations also include Herbal Medicine and Supplements where required.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage encompasses deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage and lymphatic drainage

Remedial massage therapy aims to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. It is useful for a number of problems that may affect muscles, tendons, and bones and can address a number of other health problems.

A Remedial Massage Therapist is diploma qualified and goes through extensive training to gain an understanding of anatomy and physiology. Therapists are trained to assess your body, observe changes over time and design a personalized plan for each individual client. Therapists work in conjunction with other professionals such as physiotherapists and Chiropractors if need be.

What are the benefits of Remedial Massage?

1. Improves blood flow to the area being worked on and helps to speed up the healing process and the repair of damaged tissue.

2. Helps to relieve stress and improves the flow of endorphins (the feel-good hormones making one feel relaxed).

3. Lowers Blood Pressure – studies have shown that regular massage helps to reduce blood pressure as it encourages good circulation.

4. Improves Flexibility – it helps muscles and tendons to heal, repair, and balance the affected area improving tension, tone of the muscle.

Some Conditions that Benefit from a Massage Treatment (but not limited to these):

1. Sporting injuries

2. Muscle cramps

3. Whiplash

4. Frozen Shoulder

5. Insomnia

6. Anxiety

7. Chronic pain such as in multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and muscular atrophy

Pregnancy Massage

6 Reasons Why You Want To Have a Pregnancy Massage

1. Coping with Stress
Pregnancy is a wonderful time, experiencing all the bodily changes, hormonal swings, and adjustments that come with this precious time in your life. Change can bring in stress and uncertainties… so a massage is a great way to take out all the stress and increase the ‘endorphins “which are the feel-good hormones your body produces during a massage … It relieves the emotional and physical tension that builds up …

2. Eases Aches and Pains
Massage can help with many of the aches and pains you experience as your body changes. It can help to relieve the pain in the muscles and joints of your legs, low back and upper back. Increases flexibility, making it easier for your body to adjust to a changing shape.

3. For Your Comfort
During a pregnancy massage, you will be comfortably supported with pillows and cushions. As you progress in your pregnancy, you can be fully supported in a side–lying position and feel reinvigorated after.

4. Self-care
You will learn some self-care techniques to take home. This will help you to improve your comfort at home and how you can do some stretches to improve circulation and improve your feeling of well-being.

5. Preparation for Labour
Massage can help to prepare for the birthing process by increasing awareness of tension in the body and learning how to consciously release it. You can start to practice your breathing techniques as your therapist works on tense points and you breathe through the

6. Is it appropriate during pregnancy?
Yes, it is safe unless you have conditions that massage may be contraindicated such as recurrent miscarriage, blood clot, or eclampsia, it’s important to let your Obstrecian know you are seeing a massage therapist.


We formulate our own herbal teas that are sold for specific conditions.

Our Teas

Fibrex Tea Blend
Formulated by our naturopath, Liz, specific for women with fibroids. The herbs in this formula were carefully considered to heal and tonify the uterus. The herbs in this formula include Burdock, red clover leaf, nettle leaf, ginger bilberry leaf, dandelion, and damiana leaf. All our clients on the fibroid program have this tea as part of their plan. It’s a good one to use even if you are waiting to decide to have surgery for fibroids or just monitoring them for the time being. You can purchase the tea online or instore.

Hibiscus Tea (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
The hibiscus tea is deep red in colour and has a tangy taste. You can have it cold or hot. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, calcium, iron magnesium and other bioactive such as anthocyanins, polysaccharides, and flavonoids. Hibiscus is grown in many countries. We source ours from Egypt (organic provided under fair trade)
Hibiscus is good to reduce blood pressure. If on blood pressure medicine, please check with your health care provider before taking hibiscus tea long term.

Other conditions it helps with:
Weight loss improves metabolism and may help people with diabetes. Studies have shown that it has a good effect on lipid metabolism.
Immune system – studies have shown it may be effective in improving immune function.

Note: Avoid if pregnant

Detox tea blend
Contains herbs to help cleanse and improve energy. It contains herbs that tonify the kidneys and the liver.

Customer Stories

Thank you so much for today. I don’t even know how to tell you my appreciation and how I feel understood
I came to see Elizabeth because I had miscarried a few times and someone recommended I see a naturopath. I came to see Elizabeth a bit skeptical. she was very patient with me and explained the process of fertility. In less than a year I had fallen pregnant and had a bubbly girl. I am forever grateful.
Quick delivery, exceptional service. This is the best hibiscus tea I have ever had!
I had booked for 30 mns massage for my back sprain. Needless to say the money was worth it. Liz is awesome. she understood my problem / tension areas and concentrated to fix it without making me feel uncomfortable..
Was my first time Liz was friendly and welcoming . felt relaxed and comfortable. Just what I needed.

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